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As a viewer I want to share and discover moments of TV.

Have you ever tried sharing what's on TV? With Snapscreen you simply take a photo (Snapshot) of a TV or streaming with your mobile. Snapscreen detects instantly the specific moment of the programm. You can rewind in time, create a clip and share this in broadcast quality.

We try to create best ease of use! Here a simple user journey example with Snapscreen.


Ben is journalist. He follows news on TV. He often sees something that he wants to share and comment in social media.


He takes his mobile, opens Snapscreen and takes a photo of the TV. He can scroll back in time, create the clip to capture the perfect moment.

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His high quality clip is save in his Snapscreen profile. So he can share it anytime later. He also can download the clip and share it on Instagram or Youtube.

Snapscreen makes it very easy to create, share and comment on TV contents – within seconds!

Hear the reactions of our mentors once we showed how Snapscreen works.

Annabel Acton
Annabel Acton
Senior Partner at Kin Group
Adam Milgrom
Adam Milgrom
Venture Partner at Giant Leap Fund
Scott Dinsdale
Scott Dinsdale
Startup Mentor at Techstars

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