There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Snapscreen is new and innovative. It is in our interest to help you understand our idea and what we provide. We also would like to get your feedback and hear your thoughts. Feel free to ask us anything you like to know.

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Find here some answers which are related to our product, business and technology.

  • Snapscreen works for any TV channel already?


    It is our vision to have Snapscreen available globally for any TV channel and streaming service. We are ambitious. For now we just cover certain TV channels in USA and Australia.

  • What is our commercial strategy?


    We product is a marketing solution for broadcasters. Although our solution focuses on consumers (viewers) as users. Get in touch with us for details.

  • What about non-linear broadcast (such as streaming services)?


    Our service and platform works for both: streaming contents and linear live TV.

  • Do I need a native App to implement Snapscreen?


    Not necessarily. We do have native SDKs but also a progressive web app solution. Snapscreen even can be integrated into Whatsapp or FB messenger as a bot!

  • Is there much to prepare on our side as broadcaster?


    Not really. System setup is done with our assisstance within a couple of days. It is all Ready – Set – Go!