For Broadcasters of linear TV and streaming

A new way to reach audience and create engagement.

With Snapscreen broadcasters can embrace customer behavior and get a non-intrusive connection to their audience. Savvy marketers can take advantage by engaging their audience in new and compelling ways. Analytics of usage and interests can be linked back to brand values and win over viewers loyality.

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Why Snapscreen is relevant for broadcasters of linear television or streaming.

  • People do share TV contents no matter if you like it or not.

    Take up an existing habit and make it your own.
  • Video is a megatrend with highest engagement.

    Use the power of the strongest media.
  • Fundamental shift in viewing habits and industry structures.

    Let the second screen be your friend.
  • Fight fake news and deepfakes which are a real problem.

    Enable users to distribute your trusted content.
  • Reach your audience and build a community.

    Get a direct backchannel.
  • A new content distribution will help you grow faster.

    Make television a more active content experience.
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With Snapscreen you take a screenshot of the action and it takes you 5 minutes back and then you just can clip it up. Whatever it is that you wanna see or share with your Friends. It is that easy!

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