Snapscreen makes TV shareable.

Did You snap that | on TV?

Live TV is full of countless shareable moments that happen in the blink of an eye. To capture and share these moments, you have two options; (1) a fortune teller knows exactly when to hit record; or (2) You have Snapscreen ready on your mobile phone so you never miss a moment. As soon as you witness a shareable moment, take a photo of the screen with Snapscreen and within seconds you'll have a high quality clip of that moment for you to share with your network.

With Snapscreen you can share what's on TV and drive your social conversation.

  • Tune in with mobile

    Breaking barriers between TV and social conversation.

    Simply, share your excitement!
  • Tune in with mobile

    Keeping the perfect moment instant, fast and easy.

    Snap, clip and share – easy with your mobile.
  • Discover great moments of TV shared by viewers

    Discovering great moments of TV shared by your and others.

    Democratizing the TV experience.
Todd Deacon

Snapscreen breaks a barrier in sharing media files in journalism. By snapping a TV getting a high quality clip feels like magic! Free speech at a new level.

Todd Deacon, Managing Director SportsTech @ Techstars

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